About 5LINX Communication

is a dynamic Value Added Services Company that is poised to capture substantial market share in the Nigeria Telecommunication’s Value Added Services Industry.
5Linx is a Wireless Application Services Provider (WASP) that offers the most advantaged Mobile content platform, to provide complete solution to Content Providers, Media/Advertisers, Financial Institutions and Organizations that would want to reach large number of clients.
5Linx provides the highest level of requirement for Mobile Network Operators and other partners in need of mobile web/media interface for Nigerian and Pan Africa telephone subscribers. We provide high class interactive voice Response (IVR) and Mobile Data application. As a WASP, we provide and manage dedicate middleware application platforms needed to deliver mobile content of various capacities like Voice Services and Broadcast Services.

5Linx intends to offer services to telephone operators and subscribers. The company’s is to establish itself as a household name in the business of telephony Value Added Services and mobile application services. We are matching this with an array of top quality services. Which include:

  • Datalinx  (SMS)
  • Voicelinx  (Voice Broadcast)
  • Globallinx  (Long Distances Web Calls)
  • Infolinx  (IVR Services)
  • Weblinx  (Online Purchase)